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I finally got a chance to upload some pictures of my dog, Basil (pronounced “Bazzle”). I adopted Basil from the Southampton Animal Shelter on April 21st. We’re not sure how old he is (the vet said maybe 5-6 or even older) but he had a hard life before he came to me. Basil was one of over 100 dogs cramped into a small apartment in NYC. His owner was an animal hoarder and he and the other dogs (and a few cats) lived in hideous conditions. They were taken in by many different rescue organizations and nursed back to health. I can’t thank those heroes enough for saving my Basil from the terrible life he was living so that I could find him and adopt him.

This is the article about the rescue if you’re interested:


And without further ado, pictures of my handsome man!

How could you resist that big doggy smile? I love this animal!

If you’re in the Long Island area and you have a furry friend as gorgeous as my Basil, contact me for animal portraits! You’ll want to show off as much as I do!